Lean Six Sigma Consulting

A Lean six sigma consulting business process that is well-organized and effective will inevitably grow and expand while staying current with modern commercial and technology trends.We help organizations improve processes, but more critically, we provide the training, tools, skills and experience needed to sustain your culture of continuous improvement. With many years of experience applying the Lean methodology to business consulting, we've helped companies across a wide range of industries to implement sustainable, long-term changes, shifting culture as well as achieving new heights of performance.

Intelligence Quality (Lean Six Sigma Consulting) steps in at this stage. We work in accordance with following ideology:

Area of expertise

Lean Six Sigma Consulting solution in two primary modes - Catalog Based and Custom Made.

Innovate process improvements

Increase EBITDA margin

Dashboards to Measure,Monitor and Control

Reduce cash conversion cycle

We enable you on

Lean Deployment

Lean deployment focus on cutting down costs thereby reducing the Operating expenditure. Lean tools & techniques from Toyota production system will be implemented in the processes to make continuous improvements.

Six Sigma training & Implementation

Six Sigma focus on profit maximization by reducing the operating costs. The teams will be trained and enabled to drive Six sigma projects to make improvements in the KPIs.

Cultural transformation

Culture building is one of the most important feature of a good organization. Culture building techniques will promote improvement activities and will create a big impact on the mindset and thought patterns of the people in the organization.

Design thinking for Innovation

Design Thinking is techniques focus on innovating ideas to enhance the customer experience. We will enable your team to think & empathise on the context of customer and improve your product to the next level through innovation.

Dashboard set up with process automation

Dashboards make data-driven decision making much faster than the usual. We will set up dashboards to measure, monitor & control your processes. It will help you when to give attention to the product/process or when

Gap Assessment & Project Planning

Implementing new tools and concepts in an organisation which already is set in its own way can surely be a daunting task. Nonetheless, as an organization grows, its processes also have to be tweaked to suit current trends and requirements. This involves:

Innovation & Operational excellence



Just as business growth & expansion entails right efforts at the right time, transforming it into a new set of processes requires great deal of diligence and an eye for detail. The concept is to maintain consistency of performance during the change and aiming for better performance after the transformation. But it is easier said than done.

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