Lean Six Sigma Story

Lean Six Sigma is a contemporary management concept encapsulating the views of Lean and Six Sigma modules of management. It ensures that a synergetic team effort is taken to boost system processes and in turn eliminate unnecessary methods or processes that produce no yield or hinder progress or add no value or decimate profits. Some of the “waste” or unnecessary processes that require elimination are:


Unnecessary Overtime


Delays in processing


Delays in response


Logistical delays


Excess Inventory



Lean Six Sigma training is offered for various levels. The training for Lean Six Sigma is provided through the belt based training system Various levels of belts are white belts, yellow belts, green belts, black belts and master black belts, similar to judo .

Significant approaches involved in Lean Six Sigma processes:

  • Identify elements of waste in the project
  • Analyze existing process and its potential
  • Statistical analysis & testing to observe improvement of process without hampering overall impact of yield
  • Identify action points that can boost the business
  • Supervise the changes and its effects over the business and organization



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  • Gives an edge to your skill set and proficiency
  • Internationally recognized and most sought after management course
  • Applicable across most industries & organizations of any size
  • Reinvigorates your personality and work attitude thereby helping in self-growth
  • Improves self-knowledge on business processes and management procedures


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