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What is Robotic process automation?

Robotic process automation is certainly not a new concept. Yet, for whatever reason, it’s still surprisingly misunderstood. In fact, many highly educated individuals fail to understand just what RPA is and, more importantly, the many benefits it can potentially have for their organizations. If you’re new to the term or you’d just like to learn a little bit more about it, here’s what you need to know.

What is Automation?

The dictionary defines automation as

“The Technique of making an apparatus, a process or a system operate automatically”

What does Automation mean for us in Operations?

The use of system to execute one or more logical/repeatable steps in a process, while reducing human intervention to a minimum and drastically improving the efficiency, reliability and accuracy as compared to a manual process.

  • Increased repeatability and reliability
  • Higher Accuracy
  • Reduced delivery risk
  • More cost-effective, innovative solutions

Robots are not humanoid….

Perhaps the biggest misconception surrounding robotics process automation is that it involves actual robots, like the famed movie character from the 70’s, C-3P0. This misunderstanding has a lot to do with the theory that RPA is meant to eliminate humans from the workforce. In reality, this type of robotics is merely software that can perform manual processes and workflows without the need for human input.

We will see this in detail through the course of this program

RPA is not here to make humans obsolete

Another common mistruth about RPA which is driven primarily out of fear is that the technology behind this process is meant to create a human-free workplace. While automation certainly does change the way people work, it won’t necessarily replace them, at least not on every level. Actually, as manual tasks are shifted to RPA, new opportunities will emerge. It’s really all just a matter of perspective and maintaining an open mind.


Robotics can allow you to do what you previously could not.

RPA provides is in the ability to essentially do more with less. Keeping up with increasing demands and staying within a strict budget are challenges that many IT leaders must deal with on a daily basis. As needs increase, the ability for existing staff to handle the demands becomes less feasible. Furthermore, significant fluctuations in workflow can be an incredible burden to bear. Robotic process automation allows complete, real-time scalability to handle any situation..

RPA can be leveraged in almost any industry

Finally, let’s address the misconception that robotic process automation is reserved only for certain fields. For instance, many mistakenly believe that RPA is really only useful for those in financial related organizations. While this technology has certainly made quite an impact in this area, it’s something that can effectively be leveraged in virtually any industry. All it takes is the vision and desire to streamline operations and making the conscious choice to overcome the many myths to see RPA for the powerful and positive tool it truly is.

Then outsourcing , Now RPA


Hope this module helped you to break the Myths that you had about RPA and gave you a brief over view about Robotic process automation

Lets understand this concept in detail during the course of the program