Companies enter the market with a dream to make it to the top, but for how long can a company sustain itself? New methods, techniques and tools dominate the market every now and then, hence it becomes a task to follow up. Social Media Marketing or Digital Marketing when was new to the market changed the wave of marketing and gave many an opportunity to prove their skills. Even though it was a new concept, every organisation welcomed it once the importance of using this marketing was noticed. Similar is the case with Lean Six Sigma, where companies have a vague idea about the concept, but refuse to implement it in the company.

There is a false notion about Lean Six SIgma wherein it is waste of money to incorporate the concept in the company, however one fails to realise that like any other department, Lean Six Sigma is a necessary method that every industry must follow in order to rectify their financial curve. Making money and enjoying the profit at the initial stage may not be the toughest task, but consistently maintaining it is a tough task. I’ll give you few points to note and justify the fact that Lean Six SIgma indeed, is a necessity in every industry

Helps to increase profit

Companies make their name based on the products and services they provide to the customers, but with changing trends and increasing demands from the customer it becomes hard to meet their expectation and achieve the set profit margin. It is now that Lean Six Sigma deployment comes to rescue as it helps to streamline the processes. It can be implemented in every department. Streamlining a process helps to complete a product or service at a faster pace without having to compromise on quality. In simple terms it helps in increasing revenue by selling, manufacturing and providing more products using less resource.

Decrease cost of production

It is understood by now how Lean Six Sigma helps in increasing profits, as it increases profit, it is obvious that the cost of production tends to decrease. By deploying this effective concept, wastes are removed from the process. Waste is an activity in a process that isn’t really required as it does not meet the specification as expected by the customer. Once the defects are reduced the process gets fixed and enables the organisation to own valuable resources.

Quality Output

No one is ready to compromise on quality, but no one is interested to maintain it as well. It becomes hard to follow up every process and see where the defect lies in. This is where a LSS consultant does his work, he focusses on achieving the highest level of quality using minimum resource. Quality control standards and practices are constantly checked and prioritised. Once the check is done, practical methods of improvement and empowering each employee begins. LSS methodology assures to achieve higher level of quality in any organisation.

Happy Customers

Every company thrives to make their customers happy and satisfied, however due to some reason often they fail to meet their customer’s’ expectations. LSS methodology aims at achieving customer satisfaction by increasing process efficiency of the processes. A better experience is provided to the customers by monitoring man hour reporting, bar coding and production scheduling. By optimizing these areas of the process, a LSS consultant will be able to achieve active employers which will help the organisation to achieve full customer satisfaction.


Implementation of LSS can benefit a major part of the organisation. Once the DMAIC is set in motion, all the projects will follow a standardised pattern. A problem when arises is sorted immediately with proper data to back up any decision and to make a move. A well-defined project can help in monitoring progress in a process as every stage is captured and monitored. Standardisation is achieved on collecting accurate data, analysing every data and processes and providing timely solutions.

Besides the above mentioned points, LSS can also help the organisation in achieving Financial and Strategic benefits, empowerment of employees, program implementation, time management and reduced cycle time.

To conclude, deploying Lean Six Sigma methodology have only advantages and can take your company goals to the next level.

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